Violence committed in the name of religion threatens the survival of religious minorities, the social and religious fabric of relations between religious communities, as well as religious institutions and communities.

In this groundbreaking initiative, launched in November 2014, KAICIID is working with Christian, Muslim and other minority religious communities from Iraq, Syria and the larger Middle East region to denounce violence in the name of religion. UVNR calls on the international community to protect religious and cultural diversity in Iraq and Syria.

Under the UVNR initiative, KAICIID is undertaking a number of activities with a range of partners, including UNESCO, UNDP the UN Office for the Prevention of Genocide and ISESCO, as well as various NGOs.

Explore this website to learn more about KAICIID UVNR events in Beirut, Paris, Athens and Amman.


United Against Violence in the Name of Religion: Supporting Religious and Cultural Diversity in Iraq and Syria